MTPRF-supported Research

As of 2015, the Foundation has spent more than $1.5 million to support research in Perinatal Medicine. This includes stipends for 18 Fellows from across Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and Australia and start-up operating funds to 18 new investigators in Canadian Universities. These awards have led to publication of more than 40 publications in the peer-reviewed literature. Some of these papers can be found below.

Dr Shannon Bainbridge: Bainbridge-2012-2Bainbridge-2012-1

Dr Vera Boros: Boros-1997Boros-1996

Dr Teresa Davidson: Davidson-1995Davidson-1994

Dr Sascha Drewlo: Drewlo-2013Drewlo-2012Drewlo-2011-3Drewlo-2011-2Drewlo-2011-1

Dr Martin Frasch: Frasch-2013Frasch-2012

Russell Friesen: Friesen-2006-2Friesen-2006-1

Dr Nardhy Gomez-Lopez: Gomez-Lopez-2014-2Gomez-Lopez-2014-1Gomez-Lopez-2013Gomez-Lopez-2011

Dr John Greer: Greer-1995

Dr Chun-Yuan Guo: Guo-2000

Dr Daniel Hardy: Hardy-2011

Dr Richard Keijzer: Keijzer-2015

Dr Johann Krisinger: Krisinger-1995Krisinger-1994Krisinger-1993Krisinger-1992

Dr Pascal Lavoie: Lavoie-2011

Dr Marie-Amelie Lukaszewski: Lukaszewski-2014

Dr Tino Piscione: Piscione-1999

Dr Drew Sadowsky: Sadowsky-1995

Dr Jorge Soliz: Soliz-2014-2Soliz-2014-1Soliz-2013-3Soliz-2013-2Soliz-2013-1

Dr Justine Turner: Turner-2013

Dr Yunlong Zhang: Zhang-1995