Annual Reports

The foundation’s major project for 2014/15 was the establishment of our new and upgraded web site. This task was headed by Brian Phillips and, through his diligent organizational skills and leadership, the project was completed in the Spring of 2015. The new web site provides more information for interested visitors in what we hope is a more accessible and user-friendly format. This information includes the history of the Foundation and its benefactor Dr Molly Towell. The site also describes the areas of research interest to the foundation and enables on-line applications for both the Fellowship and New Investigator awards.

This year’s competitions attracted six applications for the Fellowship and 16 applications for the New Investigator award. The winners are announced on our Home page. The number and quality of applications increase annually. We are extremely grateful for the generous donation of time and expertise from the members of the anonymous peer review committee.

We are most interested in communicating with our intended audience – you! Please let us know what you think of our web site and provide us any suggestions you have about how we could improve the site or the functions of the foundation. We would be delighted to hear any of your feedback.

The foundation was a proud sponsor of the inaugural Canadian National Perinatal Research Meeting in Banff and is pleased to be a major sponsor for the CNPRM in Montebello in 2015. Both meetings were outstanding successes from both a research and social viewpoint. The scientific presentations were of very high quality and there was much interdisciplinary discussion around all of the major topics in perinatal-neonatal healthcare and research. There is a clear and growing enthusiasm by the participants to grow and develop the meeting as an annual event.

During this year we also revised and renewed the agreement between the foundation and APOG. Both organizations feel that the interactions between the two organizations has been beneficial to both.

Most of the activity at present relates to the annual awards competitions. The deadline for applications is April 17. The review panel has been assembled and the winners for 2015 will be announced in early July. We wish all of the applicants the best of luck.