About the MTPRF

The Molly Towell Perinatal Research Foundation was established in 1988 from an endowment from Dr Towell’s will. The Foundation incorporated as a charitable foundation by the Government of Canada in 1990. The original Foundation Board trustees were Molly’s long time colleagues and friends Dr Sam Bessman (Los Angeles), Dr Claire Dupont (Montreal) and Mrs Jane Bryans (Vancouver). Over the past 25 years, funds have been provided to support Molly Towell Fellowships to encourage and assist post-doctoral research training for students who have demonstrated ability and commitment to a career in basic biomedical research in perinatal-neonatal medicine. In addition, the foundation has provided start-up New Investigator awards for operating and equipment costs to assist young investigators establish a career funding stream. These awards have been provided to young researchers in several Canadian universities as well as the USA, Australia and United Kingdom. (see section on Previous Awardees).

Molly Towell also recognized the importance of communication and collaboration within our research community. As such, she directed the Board to use its discretion to support meetings of the highest quality where new research findings could be shared amongst investigators. The Foundation has supported local, national and international conferences. In particular, the annual Western Perinatal Research Meeting in Banff and the Eastern Perinatal Investigators’ Meeting in Kingston have been major recipients. Most recently, The MTPRF has been a major sponsor of the Canadian National Perinatal Research Meetings.